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Pasar App delivers the freshest produce and products from local fresh markets (pasars) direct to your doorstep via our mobile app. It is designed to connect millions of household customers with merchants from the local fresh markets of your neighbourhood.

Pasar App’s vision is to help local merchants grow their business and help in the economy of the pasar community via the pasar reward points.

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There are many mobile grocery retail apps in the market but none like Pasar App, an app that offers produce at its freshest due to the daily high turnover from the supplying source, the fresh market and not the usual supermarket.

We believe Pasar App is a disruptive technology destined to replace the traditional way of trading direct with fresh grocery merchants in the Greater Klang Valley area. Its core essence is to create convenience for the user and value for merchants.⁠⁠⁠⁠

We are currently looking for funding via Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) on the Ata-Plus platform. If you are interested to own part of this business, please go to our deal page by clicking this link: or contact Tunku Eddy at
For as little RM 600, you can own part of Pasar App!



Startup looking to be e-distribution channel for wet market merchants

19 March 2018 by SMEBIZ, The Star

THE wet markets are probably the last places that one would expect to see the use of digital technology like apps and online delivery. But Tunku Danny Nasaifuddin Mudzaffar and Tunku Nasruan Adil Mudzaffar, also known as Eddy, of Pasar App thought there was a gap there that they
could pursue.


Pasar App was featured on Nona, TV3! Check it out here

28 Jan 2018 by Nona, TV3!

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10 Jan 2018 by BFM

There is a certain kind of charm that is associated with the humble pasar; the freshness of the groceries and of course, value for money. You would not think that the aunties and uncles at the pasar would embrace tech, right? That is where the Pasar App makes a difference! Tune in to find out how Pasar App brings the goodness of your local pasar right to your doorstep.


【全马最方便のPasar APP】不用晒太阳也能买到最FRESH的蔬菜&肉类,折扣高达60%快去下载吧!

29 Aug 2017 by

超级方便的【 Pasar APP 】在今年4月时推出 Trial Version 后 大受欢迎! 不用出门也可买到新鲜的蔬菜肉类概念,实在得到不少组群的追捧。 经过了Test Run一段时间,团队们为了带给消费者更好的服务,不断聆听和收集消费者的意见并进行改良之后,现在已经推出了正式版啦!!!



24 Mar 2017 by

相信不少打工仔和小编一样,早上早早起床塞着车上班,下班后天黑黑身体又无力,只好选择打包食物或在外面解决晚餐…….(  ̄ー ̄)ノ. 等到周末才一次过进货或因为不用上班就想睡到自然醒,才发现想吃一顿新鲜的饭菜原来是那么的奢侈~. * 懒人的藉口( ̄▽ ̄)*


This New App Will Deliver Fresh Groceries To You From Your Favourite Pasar

24 Mar 2017 by

All the truly pro shoppers know that shopping at a pasar is the way to go if you want to get the freshest and cheapest groceries. From waking up early and fighting for parking, to dealing with a messy, unorganised layout and having to lug your heavy groceries around by hand, it's just too much of a hassle sometimes


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